5.3.2 The Director

The director is responsible for the success of the takes.

In general, if you are the director, you cannot take charge of everything.

Taking charge of everything will make the team passive and unhappy.

In addition, a passive team becomes more dependent upon the director that he becomes stressed.

If your subordinate directors have some training before the production process, make your interference as minimal as possible. Let them be independent. Shot Preparation

The Production Design tasks listed in Chapter 2 are a must to perform.

Never go to a shoot thinking "I've got it all in my head" for several reasons:

  1. Unprepared scenes have more mistakes
  2. They take much more time to shoot
  3. They don't look good
  4. You're crew would be tired of you

The success of any shoot depends on the director's careful preparation. It is crucial that you spend some of your time and not waste the picture and everybody's time.

First, get your storyboards and setups made and directions written.

Second, make a reasonable timeline for the shoot (see Chapter 1).

Third, plan all your crew tasks according to the timeline. This way, nobody is confused or left to doodle. The scene would be completed in a short time. Director Behavior

While people looking for fun dislike the strict director, people who are achievers have full confidence in him.

a-Be Strict about Food

Make sure everybody takes his breakfast before starting.

Provide a 10 minutes break every hour or two to eat and rest, and about 30 during the afternoon. But never allow eating elsewise. Food is the best tool to doodle, waste concentration, and is very contagious.

Be generous and bring abundant water. If your crew is thirsty they cannot concentrate.

b-Be Careful How You Talk

Negative talk, especially in front of others is the quickest way to lose your team.

Under pressure, any person might lose his nerves. Even I have made this mistake and still paying the price.

c-Be Scientific not Picky!

Directors who keep repeating and questioning their takes for no valid reason, in fact lack confidence. Everybody is bored with them.

Never do the following:

"I don't know, I'm not convinced" without showing facts or alternative.

I have even seen a female director totally losing it and focusing about really stupid things for three hours like:

"There's a single hair dangling over the forehead", or "the hair is making some shadow"!

And here are other examples: "wipe your shoes" and nobody's shooting the shoes. Or concentrating about cleaning every inch of dust around the set.

Remember to stick to the timeline and facts.

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