5.1 How to Choose Your Movie Making Team

Your friends can become qualified, but the qualified won’t become your friends.
                                                                                                                                   (Rany Belot)

5.1.1 The Production Team Main Tasks:

Before you start a movie, you need a good team.

No matter its size it must perform the following tasks:

  1. Instruct actors where to stand and how to act
  2. Install and control lighting equipment accordingly
  3. Capture the picture
  4. Capture the sound
  5. Operate any necessary dolly, jib or crane
  6. Supervise acting, image and sound capture
  7. Additionally, makeup, hair styling and decorations may be needed

5.1.2 The Director:

Since you are arranging and planning for a movie, there’s no point in not being the director. Nobody is responsible for a production success more than the director. 

5.1.3 The Sound Director:

This is a person you’ll probably find interested in mixing music or sound, but cannot play a musical instrument well. For if he plays music, recording dialogue looks boring.

5.1.4 The Cameraman:

Although most people are still fascinated by the camera, your man must also be interested in the movie itself.

Beware: whenever a cameraman becomes aware of his potentials, he’ll probably leave you to start shooting for money.

In my personal experience, I expect a foreign cameraman to help me in a single day’s shoot. On the other hand, if you train a person on camera, you can expect him/her to assist you along one project. If this person is your friend, he may continue with other projects.

5.1.5 The Lighting Director:

I think the lighting aspect is the most beautiful aspect of movie making and still one of the trickiest. This person must know and love working with electrical components.

Test how he/she deals with lights. Lighting equipment is delicate and expensive. Some people who worked with me used to kick the gear around. They didn’t bother to use their hands!

5.1.6 Be Careful of Parasites!

Some people will try to take over your shot without offering something really important.

They start interfering with the plot and become a second director onset.

Check for these dominant tendencies before you get stuck with them, they’ll make it ugly.

They must not be part of acting. This way you can get him/her out without sacrifice.

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