2.1 Location Scouting

I cannot stress how essential planning your shots is, according to location. It is never sufficient to check the place and imagine the takes in the head.

Take some pictures using a light camera. And Shoot the following:

  1. Cover all entrances and passages
  2. Take general overviews (Wide inclusive shots)
  3. Take pictures of all windows. They allow too much light in and must be dealt with.

If you're shooting outdoors, then take care.

Some places are camera hostile or unsecure. If you have doubts about a place, take someone tough with you.

Put the following kit inside a back pack for easy maneuvering.

  1. A small camera with a wide angle capability.
  2. A remote measurement device, or a tape if you can't afford it.
  3. A notebook with a press pencil.
  4. A compass to find the sun angle, if you'll use lighting for daylight especially.
  5. A small umbrella or plastic cover.

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