6.1 Getting Permits

We shall only address issues related to Lebanon for now.

After a script is written, the producer applies for a movie production permit at the General Security Authority.

A fee of 67$ is paid and the applicant usually waits about ten days to get his permit.

Permits are given for three months, and can be expanded upon request.

Weapons usage must be discussed also, and the director is held responsible for whatever happens during filming.

Then the applicant applies for a movie picture permit at the Lebanese Army Headquarters at Yarzeh.

The army may agree to supply helicopters, armory, and so on, depending on the picture and importance. Any weapon's used in the movie must be checked by them also.

After a week the Army permit is given, usually for two months, and can be expanded.

Then the concerned police authority must be informed about the time and location of shooting.


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