6.5.2 Body Language: Thumbs and Hands Together
The Steeple

Rachael Taylor

Fig 1: Self Confidence Display

This gesture usually involves the fingers coming in contact lightly with each other, but there are variations (Fig 1).

It is a direct indication of a confident attitude.

Rubbing Hands Together

This gesture indicates excitement about some great expectancy.

The speed of rubbing indicates the degree of excitement.

In Shutter, Rachael Taylor uses this gesture at the marriage ceremony to indicate her happiness (Fig 2).

Rachael Taylor Shutter

Fig 2: Rubbing Hands to Indicate Excitement

Rachael Taylor

Fig 3: Clenching Indicates Frustration

Rachael Taylor

Fig 4: The Pertruding Thumb in Fashion

Clenching Hands Together

Clenching (Fig 3) shows a negative feeling. The person might either be anxious, uncooperative or frustrated about something or the others.

The degree of raising or lowering the clench also indicates the degree of insecurity or negativity.

Pertruding Thumbs

People with big egos pertrude their thumbs often.

I have seen it more often when men talk to women. It signals interest with a dominant attitude.

Some men that did this gesture kept trying to climb on whatever object or chair near them, to look taller when talking. The effect is so obvious for the observer.

In fashion, models use this gesture to make fashion look more appealing (Fig 4).

In addition jeans have very tight pockets that painfully allow the fingertips to fit (Fig 5).


Rachael Taylor

Fig 5: Poor Rachael; What Pain She Bore

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