6.5.3 Body Language: Hands to Face Gestures
Covering the Mouth

Rachael Taylor Shutter

Fig 1: Knowing the Horrible Truth

This indicates hearing or saying something a person feels is bad.

In Shutter, Rachael Taylor covers her mouth after knowing the horrible truth (Fig 1).

However it doesn't always mean that the thing heard or said is really bad.

I have seen people who said something and forgot about it, do the gesture when they are reminded later.

In Figure 2, Rachael Taylor is covering her mouth, although laughing. This is probably some embarrassing situation or talk she is hearing.

Rachael Taylor

Fig 2: Did I say that?

Rachael Taylor

Fig 3: Grabbing the Ear

Rachael Taylor

Fig 4: Deciding What to Choose

Rachael Taylor

Fig 5: Perplexed Looks Never Suited You

Grabbing the Ear

Unless a person's ear is really itching, this indicates that the person is not convinced, has heard enough or wants to talk (Fig 3).

Decision Making

The chin stroke indicates some decision being formed about a subject or situation (Fig 4).

Fingers in Mouth

People who put their fingers in their mouth reveal their insecurity or anxiety about a subject. It is the opposite of confidence.

When this gesture is used in fashion photography the message is to portray the model as childish, weak, shy and lost, so that a move seems successful upon her (Fig 5).

This female look seems to be a favorite for meek men and gays who seem to dominate the fashion business; they like the weaker woman.

And don't think gays cannot love women. The success factor is that she must be more feminine than him.

Attraction Signals

Hands to face attraction signals are more common to women than men.

These include hair preening (Fig 6) and touching the neck (Fig 7).

Men also check their hair.

Other face or body attraction signals are discussed in related Chapters.

Rachael Taylor

Fig 5: Preening the Hair

Rachael Taylor

Fig 5: Touching the Neck



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