6.5.1 Body Language: Hand Gestures

The open palm gesture indicates openness: honesty and frankness (See Fig 1 and Fig 2)

If this gesture is made with a request, it would make the request look polite.

On the other hand, if the palm is facing downwards, the request becomes an order (Fig 3).

In Transformers, Maggie uses the palm down gesture to give direct orders to her friend, played Anthony Anderson, who is unwillng to cooperate.


Rachael Taylor IGN
  Fig 1: Rachael Taylor on IGN Talks Honestly
Rachael Taylor IGN
Fig 2: The Double Hands Openness Gives More Proof of Honesty
Rachael Taylor Transformers

Rachael Taylor Transformers

Fig 4: Finger Pointing is Percieved as Rude
(she doesn't address anybody here.)

Fig 3: Maggie Using the Palm Down Gesture Rachael Taylor Shutter

The term "Finger pointing" (Fig 4) is disliked. It shows that the person is aggressive or rude.

When the finger is pressed against the thumb however, its user looks polite.

In Fig 5, the actress presses the finger against her thumb to avoid intimidating the crew she is addressing.


Fig 5: Pressing the Finger Against Thumb

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