6.5.7 Body Language: Glasses Language
Correction Glasses

Professor  Rachael Taylor

Fig 1: Have you finished your homework Boy?

Provided the lenses are not thick, people wearing glasses look more intelligent.

After I first saw Rachael Taylor in transformers, I had the notion that she must have worn glasses in some scene.

But she did not. I was carried away by the robots action and only thought so because she played smart.

However, look at Figure 2 below. She does look much more intelligent than Figure 3.

Peering Above Glasses

This look is one of my favorite (Fig 1).

It gives a strong indication that the person is "knowledgeable" about the subject and ready to lecture others.

It is really powerful and intimidating.


Because we cannot see their eyes, people who wear sunglasses seem untrustable.

Famous actresses often wear sunglasses to hide their presence in public. It gives them a false sense of security.

People who wear them indoors look weird. Indeed they often are.

On the other hand people who lift glasses on their heads often like to look "cool" and modern (Fig 3).

Rachael Taylor

Fig 2: Glasses Look Wiser

Rachael Taylor

Fig 3: Lifting Sunglasses to Look "Cool"

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