Casting for Female Fighter

Since brute force is related to males, and most women fights involve scratching and hair pulling, the most successful female fighter is that who shares traits and looks of men.

Thus, in the most extreme case she should have:

1- Wide and Pronounced Jaw (Tough)

2- Wide Cheek Bones (Charismatic)

3- Tight Lips (Determinism)

4- Elevated Side Edge Eyes (Sharp Look)

5- Edgy Non-Round Eyes (Predators Look)

6- Wide Eyebrows (Stronger Personality)

7- Low Eyebrows (Fierce)

8- Angled Eyebrows (Meaner, Meat Eater)

9- Muscular Body (Brute Force)

10- Tall Built (Look Up to Her)

11- Wide Shoulders (Lifting Capacity)

12- Low Pitch Voice (Mannish, large throat)

13- High Volume Voice (No need to repeat herself)

In other words: Lucy Lawless... (Xena)

No "Buffy" (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Lucy Liu, or Angelina Jolie combined, are a match for Lucy Lawless on battle ground!

Even Hercules looks really sissy beside Xena.

And I know most men call her a man!

But she's really convincing, and just to mention, Lucy Lawless was a Beauty Queen!

Lucy Lawless

Fig:1 The Warrior Princess: Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless

Fig 2: Tough Massive Built, Extra Wide Jaw and Cheek Bones, Angled Eyes and Brows... Leaves No Doubt

Sigourney Weaver

Fig 3: Sigourney Weaver in "Aliens"


Fig 4: Kathleen Turner in "Prizzi's Honor"

Rene Russo

Fig 5: Rene Russo's Constant Frowning Look

Less Severe Cases:

Female fighter characters in the less severe cases share some traits of the above mentioned list, but not all.

They are more common than the complete case of Schwarzenegger-female above but may still be hard to find.

The first case studied is Sigourney Weaver
(Fig 3).

Her solid looks come from the extra wide pronounced jaw, thin lips, angled eyes and eyebrows and muscular body.

Kathleen Turner is studied in the second case.

In V. I. Warshawski for example, she handles bloody punches in the face from the villain and is completely convincing.

Kathleen Turner played mostly dominant female roles and succeeds to impress as a female fighter for her sharp angled eyes and eyebrows, wide cheek bones and jaw, pointed edge lips, wide shoulders, and deep pitch voice.

As a third case, the more feminine Rene Russo is studied. Rene is famous for her dominant female roles and also plays for action.

The main deterministic fighting look comes from her sharp angled, wide, low eyebrows, in addition to her wide cheek bones, edgy eyes, and wide shoulders.

Her soft small jaw and fleshy lips are completely the opposite and are feminine.

I'd like to end with Sharon Stone as a final example, especially her role in Total Recall, that is the only one featuring her in hand to hand combat extendedly.

Sharon Stone certainly doesn't have the vulger looks of the higher end female fighters but her angled wide eyebrows, wide cheek bones, wide shoulder and athletic body were enough to do the trick.

Most of her moves are real and not bad for someone against Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sharon Stone Total Recall
Sharon Stone Total Recall

Fig 6: Sharon Stone Gives Arnie Some Deadly Wife Trouble



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