6.1.4 Famous Actors

Everybody knows some of these actors who appear frequently in Movies and Television.

When considering contacting a famous actor, you'll find the following categorization helpful.

1- Local Young Famous Actors:

In Lebanon these may charge between several hundreds to several thousands dollars for a movie.

There are some who would ask for more, but these are either not interested or bragging.

Some of them, however, are so nice that they would agree to be in an independent movie for free.

I cannot but express my gratitude here to Mrs. Rita Barsona for her more than generous efforts in "Pizza House" and our other projects. I think she has the greatest heart ever!

2- Local Old Famous Actors

Older actors suffer from unemployment, although they are usually capable of a tremendous performance.

Even the employed ones have to work from five to five each day and get a humble 600-700 dollars a month!

I've seen and worked with most of them. It's really a crime!

And I'll write this in the memory of Mrs. Layla Karam,

the most capable Lebanese actress whom I had the privilidge to work with and visit,

who died because of the lack of medical treatment.

I'll never forget her or her words to me. She gave me the greatest support at my most stressful moments as a director.

So, consider giving these people a chance, in your next movie. Make sure to give them enough rest, respect and assistance. But be careful, some males start finding it hard to memories long sentences.

3- Hollywood Actors

Hollywood actors try to make a category of their own.

Don't think they get illogical fees because they are special. All of the Hollywood system is based on bragging. It's a lie.

The vast majority of American actors never get a chance. And some of them are as miserable as the Lebanese actors. Even art designers and artists working in Hollywood studios get a mere average salary, that is if they get a chance.

Well, trying to contact celebrities or write to them is, in general, stupid. They usually don't get out of the Hollywood circle.

Later when these actors get old, the studios dump them, and they find it difficult to blend into low budgets.

The smartest of them knew when to leave to raise some kids.

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