6.2 Casting Actors for Character

When choosing your cast, you will find most often, that certain individuals have a natural look that display certain characters best.

People looks can suggest: strength/ weakness, arrogance/ humility, happiness/ sadness, presence/absence, intelligence/ stupidity, etc.

In general, the smarter and more self aware your actor is, the more he/she can play a wider range of characters. But, even if your actor is a great act, many times the looks can play a greater role at making the character believable.

Looks are two types: hardware and software.

Hardware is every physical geometry of the actor, in addition to his/her natural voice characteristics.

Software is hairstyling, makeup, clothing, and expressions that can also manipulate the character to our benefit.

Facial expressions and Body Language can be taught and are discussed in later sections.

There are many character looks and makeup/ clothing styles, all of which are discussed in this section that is under development.

6.2.1 Hardware of Women: Dominant Woman Female Fighter Helpless Fragile

6.2.2 Software for Women: Dominant Dame Business Woman Female Fighter Dangerous Mysterious

6.2.3 Hardware of Men: Usual Turned Hero Warrior Professional Killer Evil Tyrant The Meek Warm Father Merry Man

6.2.4 Software for Men: Businessman Warrior Professional Killer Street Gangster

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