6.5 Introduction to Body Language in Acting

Body language, is usually not taught as a science at acting schools, although all important actors know about it and use it effectively.

In the upcoming sections I will present gestures more common to acting. Any actor or director should memorize them and watch for them.

I have been fascinated by the science of body language since the year 2000. And throughout my experience in movie making and watching people, I have seen direct proof of it.

Although body language science has been around for tens of years, yet people, in general remain ignorant of it for two main reasons:

1- Rarely anybody wants to learn or uncover the mysteries of science nowadays.

2- People have become so shallow that they don't want to believe that their feelings can be read; thinking about it gives them a headache.

Amazingly, I found many for about 4$. I found "Allen Pease", the greatest author on the subject, "The Definitive Book of Body Language", an international best seller, for sale for about 5$!

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