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The Violin Comes to Life, by Sarah Hjaiban

It gives you life, shares with you all your moments, the bad ones as the good ones, but most of all encourages you when you’re down: this is music.

But how can music exist without musical instruments, and how can it come to life if it wasn’t for the efforts of the musicians?

It can’t, and here comes the importance of each instrument. Every person is attracted to the instrument that connects with his soul, which plays the music of his heart. This is my case when I chose the violin.

Why choose the violin? This instrument, besides being small and easy to handle, has a marvelous voice and a great power to enter and touch the audience. In addition, it has a great ability to adapt to all kinds of music, from classical, jazz, to soft…

Not only that, it can also deliver all kinds of emotions: soft sad music when you’re depressed, energetic living music for the happy days, hard powerful rhythms when you’re angry…

It’s a full-option instrument. Even though it’s hard to master, the results you get are always great and worth the effort. So remember, "when there is a will there is a way."

The violin is a great instrument; if you give it your time and your abilities you will get a lot in return: great results, great music, and a wonderful talent to share with others.