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Playing Music, a Pleasure or a Pressure, by Cynthia Khater

Playing music is seen as something fun to do, and the musical instruments are appraised as best friends. On the other hand, practicing music can be considered the worst enemy and “feels like the weight of the world”. For the people who consider playing music a pressure, how can it become their pleasure?

Let’s discuss the reasons that make so many people feel that music is a pressure. Children and teenagers are the category that feels the pressure of playing music the most. Adults would have already taken the decision of either playing music or giving up and turning all the pressure on their children. Playing a masterpiece requires years of practice but at the end the result would satisfy and thrill you. Children and teenagers feel the pressure of playing music since they are impatient and want to achieve their goals instantly. Well, that can never happen. They would trade every second of playing music with a computer game or a TV show… Many days would pass before they remember that they have an instrument that needs their precious fingers.

Aristotle said: “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” You can feel the pleasure of music and become a musician if you give music the time it deserves and the feelings it expects from you. The passion for music doesn’t come by a miracle, but when you become good at it, it becomes the miracle. Playing music is the therapy of the soul and the relaxation of the flesh. To make every second of playing music a pleasure there are few points that should be considered:

  • Choose the instrument that attracts you the most
  • Practice every day. Even if you don’t have the time find at least 5 minutes. Don’t wait for your parents to ask you to play music
  • Play the songs that you like
  • Never give up
  • Look for the blessings you will get from playing music

At the end, many music lovers have felt the pressure of practicing music as in any other activity, but during the whole period it was their pleasure. I hope this article has helped many to reconsider the benefits of playing music and has reminded each music lover in the reasons that made him/her what he/she is now.