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The Intimate Rita Barsona Fanpage
Prepared by Cynthia Khater and the Editor

Rita BarsonaEarly Biography:

Ms. Rita Barsona was born in Hasroun, Lebanon, next to 3 brothers and 4 sisters.

As a child she was a fast runner who played football and with marbles among boys.

Her favorite heroes were Grendizer and Superman; she even made the "Superman jump" from two stories. 

Grendizer Superman

But she had a natural talent and always dreamt of becoming an artist.

Although she first weren't sure about an exact field, one of her favorite activities was imitating characters she watched on TV.

At the age of 17, Rita left home to Beirut to presume an acting career, ultimately.

She won Miss Peace in the year 1992, and later modeled for 6 months.

Then she appeared on her first play: “7azzak 2aleel Ya Khalil”. And soon started her television career.

Rise to Stardom

Ms. Barsona first started in Tele Liban in “Abou el Balabel”, and with director Gaby Saad, who gave her remarkable roles, such as her role in “Sekriterit Baba”.

She then moved to drama in “Nisa2 Fil 3asifa” and “2ismuha La”, and later “2osas 7ob”, “Al Sira3” and “Alisar”.

After the early works, she became a distinct name, especially in comedy, in works such as “Jamil w Jamileh” and others, but most importantly "Ghannoujit Bayya" (2006), which became an unprecedented phenomenon.

Current Occupation and Future

Ms Rita Barsona is married and raising her child Owen George (2010).

She is also acting in Lebanon, but briefly, since her family basically resides in the US.

And she has been writing for Marwa Group “Al 7ob Al Mamnou3” and “Thikra”.

In the future, she sees herself as a writer and mother mostly.


Rita Barsona is really light hearted. She almost always accepts an opinion or solves a conflict with a smile, but she’s also very honest about expressing herself and knows herself well.

She is wonderful, intelligent, daring, generous, loving, caring, and polite.

But best of all, she is modest.

An actress once said “you can’t be a better actor than you are a person”, and that’s the real greatness and why everybody loves Rita Barsona.


Writing, Travelling, Ski, Swimming, Dancing, Singing, and Psychology.

Favorite Actors:

Antoine Kerbag, Carmen Lebbos, Roula Hmadeh, and Owen Wilson.

Favorite Singers:

George Wassouf and Fairuz

Some Important proverbs of Rita Barsona:

“Acting is a talent at first place”
“Beauty is essential to make the viewer wonder about the actress”