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The Bass & Brass Big Band Organization

Toufic Iskandarani The Bass & Brass Big Band is a Classic Jazz Band. Its main orientation is concerts, movies, and ballroom dancing.

It was established in 2005 by Eng. Isaac and Rany Belot, Rami Saleh, Toufic Iskandarani and Wadih Bajouk.

The group however, is a movie making team since the year 2001.

Fulltime Members: Music / Movie Making
Isaac Belot     Trumpet, Bass / Director, DOP
Rany Belot Trumpet / Actor, Stunt
Khodor Abou Dayya   Trombone / Actor
Simon Abdel Sater     Alto Saxophone, Clarinet
Rami Saleh Tenor Saxophone, Oud / Actor
Toufic Iskandarani   Baritone Saxophone / Sound Director, Actor
Cynthia Khater Flute / Writer
Omar Touma Piano
Celia Khater Guitar
Firas Saleh Guitar
Ali Abou Dayya Bass
Wadih Bajouk Drums / Chief Electric Technician
Miss Tania Costo Singer / Actor, Writer
Mohammad Iskandarani Lighting Director, Actor
Rami Kaddoura Director, Actor
Movie Productions  
Shou Baddak Bil Conservatoire 2008
Film Bala Zilm 2007
Al Kadar 2005
Pizza House 2004
Distinctive Sides 2002
Live Performances and Appearances
Concert at the University of Balamand 2006
Graduation at Ahliah School 2006
Concert at the University of Balamand 2007
Graduation at Ahliah School  2007
Performance at University of Balamand 2007
Tele Liban, in “Shou Baddak Bil Conservatoire" 2008