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Tania Costo
Tania Costo, the Band's "Charisma" is a professional painter, singer and actress, who has made international concerts and plays, as well as several art galleries.
Pizza House Actress 2004
Shou Baddak Bil Conservatoire Voice Over
Performances and Appearances

After studying oriental singing at the conservatory, Tania got her reputation through hymns, folklore, and “tarab”. She posseses a strong, mezzo soprano voice along with a charming charisma, especially at theater and TV. Her concerts are so many, but most notably at Unesco, Casino de Liban, Tele Liban and Tele Lumiere, in addition to LBC, Future and Orbit. She has also recorded solos and duos with Mr. Salem El-Hajj, Klotaire, Mr. Georges Sham3a, and has worked with, Robert El-Safadi, Major Donayan (Lebanese Army Band), etc.

Selected Paitings Gallery
Art Exhibitions
  • United Nations "The Child" Exhibition 1994
  • Outstanding Students Exhibition, Maraya Gallery 1996
  • Outstanding Students Exhibition, Bakhaazi Gallery 1997
  • "Daraj El Fan" Exhibition 1997
  • "Dar El Nadwa" Exhibition 1997
  • The Lebanese Army Exhibition 1998
  • "Israeli Massacre upon Kana" Exhibition 1998
  • Al Sarafand Exhibition 1999
  • Painting & Sculpture Artists Organization Exibition 2000
  • Ain Aar Annual Festival 2001
  • Rachid Karameh Exhibition 2003
  • Sir El Dinniyyah Festival 2003
  • Solideir Artists Exhibitions 2003
  • Jezzine Festival 2003
  • Jdeideh County Exhibition 2003
  • Ehden County Exhibition 2003
  • "The Tree First Festival", Syria 2003
  • Obadieh Couty Festival 2005
  • Baalbak First Exhibition 2005
  • Painting & Sculpture Artists Organization "Small Painting" Exhibition 2006
  • Painting & Sculpture Artists Organization "Peace" 2nd Exhibition 2006
  • Litwania Republic Exhibition, Unesco 2006
  • "A Vision & Creativity" Exhibition 2006
  • "Over the Ashes", Beirut Southern Suburb 2006
  • Painting & Sculpture Artists Organization "100th Annivesary" 2007
  • "A Scream", Unesco Exhibition 2007
  • Abbassiyah Exhibition 2007
  • "The War" Unesco Exhibition 2007
  • "Past and Future Combined", Painting & Sculpture Artists Organization 2006
  • United
  • Marayah Gallery Prize for Outstanding Students 1996
Studies and Occupation
  • BS in Fine Arts at the Lebanese University.
  • MS in Applicable Fine Arts at the Lebanese University.
  • MS in Art Sciences at the Lebanese University.
  • Painter, art restorator.
  • High school art teacher.