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Rany Belot
Rany Belot, born in November 1986, is the "Master" of tough jobs, and the spirit of the team. Whatever is needed, the team can count on one man: Rany Belot, or simply RB. He joined with Isaac and Toufic back in 1998.


Distinctive Sides Actor, Stunt 2002
Pizza House Main Actor, Stunt 2004
Al Kadar Director assistant 2005
Shou Baddak Bil Conservatoire Trumpet Player 2008
Performances and Appearances
Two concerts at the University of Balamand since 2007  

Appeared on Tele Liban in "Shou Baddak Bil Conservatoire"

Musical Experience

Rany started practicing the trumpet by the end of 2004 and entered the National Conservatory in 2005.

Other Hobbies, Present and Previous
  • Electrical engineering projects. Philosophy, biking, first aid.
  • Charicature artist, table tennis, dog training, and fishing.
Studies and Occupation
BS Electrical Engineering, (American University of Science & Technology).