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Director Rami Kaddoura

Director Rami F. Kaddoura is one of the few Lebanese directors that has specialized in action and fight choreography, as well as an experienced actor director.

At only the age of twelve, he expressed much acting talent and big skills for directing, which were soonly translated into "Distinctive Sides" short movie, side by side with Isaac Belot.

Later, throughout his experience and work with great Lebanese actors and directors, such as Marwan Najjar, Director Kaddoura mastered his Actor - Director skills throughout several plays and movies of his own.

His thorough studies of the human behavior and criminal mind, and being a Lebanese champion in martial arts makes him by no doubt, one of the best Lebanese directors for the Thriller - Action genre.

Distinctive Sides Co-Director, Actor/ Fighter 2002
Pizza House Actor, 2004
Tareek El Daya3 Director
Khlosna Taeefeya Director 2004
Sar Lezim Nehke Director 2005
Waheeda (Marwan Najjar) Actor 2007
Theatrical Plays    
Maljaa (USJ) Actor 2006
The Holy Book (LAU) Director 2007
Martial Arts Studies
Black Belt in Karate
Brown Belt in Kick Boxing
  • Champion of the Lebanese Kickboxing Cup - Fall 2008
  • Champion of the Adel Nsouli Kickboxing Cup - Spring 2008
Other Studies
BS in Business and Marketing