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Current & Future Projects of the Bass & Brass
January 2012 Principal photography 50% completed for She and Politics.
September 2012 Principal photography starts for She and Politics.
July 2012 Second unit photography for "She and Politics" is completed.
June 2012 Actress Yara Fares is selected for the lead role and starts a four months training in body building and martial arts, under the suprevision of Director Rami Kaddoura.
April 2012 The film "She and Politics" second unit photography is started and will be shot in 2D.
March 2012 Budgetory and feasibility study shows 3D option not possible after limited success in fund raising.
December 2012 Secondary castings for the lead role completed.
May 2011 The team shoots the 3D trailer successfully.
April 2011 Main Casting Auditions for "She and Politics 3D" completed.
January 2011 "She and Politics 3D" film goes preproduction.
December 2010 Director Rami Kaddoura finishes the script, after 1.5 years of development.
November 2010 The first Film's Light fresnel projector makes us see light.
July 2010 Isaac and Rany Belot conduct live tests with the Parasaur camera crane.
May 2010 Isaac and Rany Belot complete the CineRobot first prototype, the Parasaur model.
April 2010 Mona Chedid " M ", joins the team to help with the script.
Directors Rami Kaddoura and Isaac Belot launch the Lebanese Film Organization website, for Lebanese Independent Filmmaker's support.
January 2010 Mrs. Sharon McIver joins Isaac Belot and Rami Kaddoura with the new design Fresnel Projectors production project. The projector brand shall be called Films Light, for which the domain has been obtained.
December 2009

Directors Isaac Belot and Rami Kaddoura realize their need to upgrade for bigger production equipment.
The script is moving slower than ever this month.

November 2009 The camera crane prototype completes 40%. The camera crane brand is named Cine Robot, for which the domain has been obtained.
October 2009 Directors Isaac Belot and Rami Kaddoura finally agree about the final screenplay synopsis and characters details. The final Synopsis gains the approval of the vast majority of the teammates.
September 2009 The Band concert at the American University of Beirut will be delayed to further notice, due to upcoming feature film preparation and boys busy with their studies.
August 2009 Director Rami Kaddoura joins in with Isaac Belot and the team to write and design the upcoming thriller-action film feature, to be shot during 2011.
June 2009 The script for Miss Rachael Taylor finally stops after total withdrawel of assisting writers.
July 2009 Mechanical and Communications Engineers Isaac and Rany Belot start designing the third generation of the professional camera crane (estimated completion 2010).
July 2009 Ali Abou Dayya and Cynthia Khater team make some interviews with major Jazz Artists and Movie Actors.
July 2009 Charles Joseph Cascio and Guy Stein Karibian join Isaac in the screenplay for Miss Rachel Taylor to complete 15%.
June 2009 The team contacts Miss Rachael Taylor and offers to write her a custom screenplay. But the actress is busy at this stage.
May 2009

The Bass and Brass website is launched.