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Shou Baddak Bil Conservatoire (2008)

Shou Baddak Bil Conservatoire Cover

After conflict with husband, Ghina decides to hire a local gang to get part of his fortune. The plan complicates when Ruba arives to town. Police Detective Khodor had his eyes on Ruba for long and decides with Capt. Serene to investigate the visit. However, the plan has already started and the cops may arrive too late.

Oula Khachab & Mohammad Edelby Mohammad Edelby Oula Khachab Daniel Darazi
Ahmad Iskandarani Edenby, Oula Khachab & Serene Barbir Edelby and Oula
Oula, Wadih Bajouk & Firas Saleh Checking Inside the chase The Bass & Brass

Genre: Musical Comedy 35min

Produced by:Al Ahliah High School
                     and the Bass & Brass
Directed and Written by: Isaac Belot
Story by: Rany Belot
Chief Lighting Technician: Wadih Bajouk
Sound Director: Toufic Iskandarani

Adnan Mohammad Edelby
Loris Oula Khachab
Neighbor Serene Barbir
Neighbor Ahmad Iskandarani
Motorcycle Shoplifter Al Mo'utassim Billah Nhaili
Trombone Professor Daniel Darazi
Trombonist Khodor Abou Dayya
Adnan's Friend Mohammad Iskandarani
Loris's Mother Mrs. Lina Sinno
Neighbor Amani Salami
Neighbor Tala Kardas
Trumpeter Isaac Belot
Trumpeter Rany Belot
Saxophonist Rami Saleh
Saxophonist Toufic Iskandarani
Guitarist Firas Saleh
Bassist Ali Abou Dayya
Drummer Wadih Bajouk