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Pizza House (2004)

Pizza House Cover

After a series of shocks (losing his job and turned down by his beloved), Raid O’Donnell becomes a complete maniac. He catches up with some freaky friends who are trying to build a business. New complications arise when they accidentally interfere with the local mob. The friends finally succeed in doing a home made pizza, delivered in less than 10 minutes. After a period of time, Raid’s mania turns into a severe depression, starts longing to his previous life, and finally decides to commit suicide. Although his friends’ attempts to rescue him fail, an accident gives him a new meaning for his existence.

The movie contains some drama, but it’s mostly comical. There are some action scenes like a car chase, some shooting, and great bicycle jumps.

Injuries: Toufic Iskandarani had some bruises from one of the bicycle jumps. Rany Belot caught cold after acting for several hours under the rain. He also got a minor injury when the camera crane’s counterweight (400Kg) broke onto his ladder; luckily I wasn’t up on the crane.

Raid (Rany Belot) Alcohol Gun Mohammad Iskandarani as Spin Tire Toufic Iskandarani 4m Jump
Isaac Belot as Action Cage Mohammad Iskandarani Toufic Iskandarani
Rita Barsona as Brenda Rita Barsona as Brenda Gangster Mario
Rany Belot Jump Through Window Abdul Rahman Kabbara
Onset Abdul Rahman Kabbara, Abdallah Sfeir, Toufic & Mohammad Iskandarani  


Genre: Action Comedy 80min

Director & Producer: Isaac Belot
Assistants: Rany Belot, Georges Makhloutah, Mohammad Iskandarani
Director of Sound: Toufic Iskandarani

Rany Belot Raid O’Donnel
Mohammad Iskandarani  Spin Tire
Toufic Iskandarani Billy Robins
Isaac Belot   Action Cage
Rita Barsona
Brenda Johnson
Sandra Ghajar     Gina
Siham Taha Jane
Marwan Ghajar    Mario, the Gangster
Abdul-Rahman Kabbara  Jake, the Gangster
Hani El-Asaad Johny, the Gangster
Omar Chafic Gangster #4
Joseph Abou Ishak Gangster #5
Rami Younes Gangster #6
Karim Mikati Sam, the Detective
Elise Khoury The Policewoman
Ali Haidar Policeman #1
Raymond Abou Haidar Policeman #2
Georges Makhloutah Driver with Problem #1
Nazih Haidar Driver with Problem #2
Najib Taleb Belt Delivery Person
Rami Saleh Owner with Problem
Joseph Mouawad Raid’s Father 
Mohammad El-Haress Raid as a Child
Abdul-Rahman Kabbara The Building Manager
Rami Bou Saleh The Supervisor
Maya Bou Saleh The Passing Woman
Rami Taha The Skateboard Kid
Ahmad Iskandarani Annoying Kid #1
Abdul-Rahman Taha   Annoying Kid #2
Tania Costo Elma, the Owner
Carol Speranza Billy’s Mother
Chady Arab Dory, the Neighbor
Toni Bou Saleh The Stone Expert
Charbel Tawk Leo
Elie Kreidy Boy with Leo
Lindsay Choueiry Girl Being Attacked
Cynthia Khater Girl Watching TV #1
Celia Khater Girl Watching TV #2
Mark Bajouk The Security Officer
Hussein Fawaz Pizza Customer, Man
Dima Majzoub Pizza Customer, Woman
Hala El-Haress Pizza Customer #1
Ranine Iskandarani Pizza Customer #2
Ibtissam El-Haress Pizza Customer #3
Wissam El-Haress Kid with Customer #3
Nader Kaddoura TV Character #1
Rami Kaddoura TV Character #2
Karim Jalloul TV Character #3
Tania Costo TV Character, Woman