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Distinctive Sides (2002)

Genre: Action 20min

Distinctive Sides is the story of a ruthless gang trying to get their hands on some classified CD hidden by a mafia. The gang makes a couple of assassinations and failed attacks until the mafia joins forces with the police and makes a counter attack. First a guard and hitman are killed. Then, during the final attack, two of the gang members are killed, their leader flees. A policeman is knifed, and the inspector and his assistant are shot. The mafia boss and guard are injured from the hand fight.

The movie contains a fair car chase, a lot of shooting, and two wrestling scenes performed by Nader and Rami Kaddoura, Rany Belot, and Mohammad Iskanadarani. Notable stunt jumps and moves were performed by Rany Belot.

Injuries: Rany Belot took real head kicks from Nader Kaddoura, and some bruises from one of the wall kick jumps.

Director: Isaac Belot
Story: Isaac Belot & Rami Kaddoura
Co-Directors: Rany Belot & Rami Kaddoura
Mohammad Iskandarani The Boss
Rany Belot The Personal Guard
Rami Kaddoura  The Gangster Boss
Nader Kaddoura    The Gangster
Isaac Belot   The Inspector
Toufic Iskandarani  The Hitman
Bodyguard   Mohammad Firas
Assisting Officer  Mou’een El Rayyes
The running kid Ali Khalifeh
360 kick wall climb thrust kick
Gangster "Papi" Nader Kaddoura Head kicks Rany Belot Nader & Rany climbs wall Rany kicks Nader Rami Kaddoura
Officer back kick assaulter  
Toufic Iskandarani Rany and Toufic Toufic Iskandarani Mohammad Iskandarani