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Director Isaac Belot
Isaac Belot, born in March 1983, is a Lebanese film producer and the Band / Team leader.
Isaac Belot
Distinctive Sides Director, Producer 2002
Pizza House Director, Producer 2004
Al Kadar Director, Co-Producer 2005
Film Bala Zilm Director 2007
Shou Baddak Bil Conservatoire Director, Co-Producer 2008
Performances and Appearances
Some dozen concerts at the University of Balamand since 2001  
Exclusive interview on Tele Liban 2008  
Musical Experience

Took primary piano lessons since 1993 at the National Conservatory, and later played guitar and bass by 2000. By 2003 Isaac became head of the University of Balamand Music Club and a regular bass performer and band leader. In 2005 Isaac has since been mastering the trumpet at the national conservatory.


Manager of CineRobot, for camera cranes and systems design, and Film'sLight for fresnel projectors.

Producer at the Lebanese Film Organization.

Exhibitions and Awards

Contributed in the LIRA annual exhibition for scientific inventions, and holder of the "Elma Maalouf" prize for best mechanical engineering scientific research at the University of Balamand for the year 2007