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Cynthia Khater
Cynthia Khater
Cynthia Khater, born in June 1990, is the team "Lady", having such charming and authoritive appearance. Since childhood, Cynthia always behaved like a star and has greatly mastered her linguistic and presentation skills.
Pizza House Actress 2004
Exclusive Academic Interview with Lebanese actress Rita Barsona Presenter/ Host 2006
Shou Baddak Bil Conservatoire Recording 2008
Musical Experience

Cynthia practiced the recorder since 2000, and started studying flute since 2006 at the National Conservatory.

Other Hobbies

Ballroom Dancing, Psychology, Writing.

Studies and Occupation
Cynthia is currently studying Speech & Language Pathology at the Lebanese University.
Won best musical talent award at Brummana High School for the years 2008 and 2009.